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 My Chemical Rules

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PostSubject: My Chemical Rules   My Chemical Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 11:38 am

1. Respect Your Mods And Admids.

2. You Are Free To Post Anything You Please. (Vids, Pics, Fiction, Ect.)

3. No Crude Posting Of ANY Band What So Ever!

4. Post Whatever Type Of Fiction You Want

5. The Word SLASH Has To Be In Red.

6. You May Swear, In General And In Fiction, But PLEASE Try Not To Swear At Other People.

We Created This website For all you huge fans like us. Feel Free to use the website and post whatever you want!
We are very sorry for the fall out between The Used and My Chemical Romance. So We made this website for those of us who still have dreams about them being together =]

The Best Of Luck With Your Posts, <33
Kaylee & Natella =]
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My Chemical Rules
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