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 My Chemical Used Fan Rules.

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PostSubject: My Chemical Used Fan Rules.   Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:42 am

Rules of Fiction:

1) Please remember to include your rating in your post title. It makes it easier on everyone. You can place it in brackets [like this] in your subject.
Here are a few hints on how to rate your story:
* A mature fic means any stories featuring more than just kissing and hugging (eg. heavy petting and mention of oral sex or intercourse).
* An Adult fic is rated adult for explicit sexual content within a story.
* Erotica/PWP means just straight to sex, no backstory or anything
Basically, anything not including sex scenes, heavy language or heavy themes. All fics that are not Erotica can go into this section.

If your story includes slash, please indicate so in the genre section of the heading. The heading goes as follows:

Title: Not necessary for the heading, but topic title is a must.
Rating: G, PG, A, R, NC-17 (All erotic-like material, has strong adult content)
Genre: Romance, PWP (Porn without Plot), Erotica, etc.
Disclaimer: A must, we all know it's fan-fiction, but a disclaimer is still necessary to be sure.
Summary: If desired.
Comments: Anything you want us to know about your fic.

2) Please post your own ideas, in your own words. In other words, no steal other authors stories.

3) No bashing. Constructive critisicsm only. Tell someone what they can do better.

4) For the love of Gerard and all who are holy, please DO NOT post your stories as one huge paragraphs.
Space your paragraphs accordingly.

5) Use proper grammar. Do NOT use chatspeak. I don't want to see any "omg he lyke kised me and shyt".

I think that covers everything.

Simplicity at itís fullest.
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PostSubject: Re: My Chemical Used Fan Rules.   Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:30 am

I think these rules are acceptabe!!
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My Chemical Used Fan Rules.
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