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 Kate And Bert

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PostSubject: Kate And Bert   Tue Jan 01, 2008 2:01 am

Title: Kate and Bert.
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these people, this is completely made up.


Bert walked off the stage and headed towards the bus. It Had been one of the longest, most tiring days on the entire tour.

"Warped tour is Fuckin' exhausting!" Bert thought to himself.

Then all the sudden, out of nowhere Quinn jumped in front of him causing him to scream like a little girl.

"What the..?!" Bert Exclaimed.

"Whats up Bert?" Quinn practically yelled.

"Not much, just going to get some rest for tomorrow," Bert told Quinn.

"Cool, mind if I come? I can't seem to get these chicks off me. When will they realise your way better looking?" asked Quinn innocently, not realising how gay he made hiself sound.

"Sure Quinn,... and they like you better cause women usually like a clean man," said Bert, as he pointed to his hair, "and if you haven't noticed, thats not me lately."

"Never has been you." Quinn giggled, following Bert to the bus.

"Where did Jepha Park the damn bus?" Bert asked so quietly that he was suprised that Quinn had heard him.

"No idea man, we both know that I barely remember the date, why would i remember something like that?" Quinn asked.

"Good point. I don't know why I even bothered to ask." Bert agreed.
"There it is!" Bert yelled after a minute or two of silence,and starting to walk faster in joy. "I'm SO tired"

"Me too" agreed Quinn, not really even sure of what he was saying.

Walking up to the bus Bert mumbled "Quinn, sometimes i think you need help."

Ignoring Jeph sitting right inside the door way, Bert walked in and headed towards his bunk, thinking to himself about what he was going to do for the night. "Invite people, or sleep?" he debated in his head.

"Bert!" Jeph called from his seat on the floor.

"Yes?" Bert answered quite disgustedly, angered at the fact that he had been so rudely interupted from his thoughts.

"You still meeting up with that chick tonight?... Whats her name... Kate?" Jeph asked.

Bert had almost forgotten.
"Yes, she says she has something important to tell me over dinner."

"Alright," Jeph explained, "just wanted to make sure you remembered."

Maybe Bert wouldn't be inviting anyone OR sleeping tonight, at all. Come to think of it, now he was excited for the first time since preforming with My Chemical Romance last week. He sat down on the edge of his bunk as he felt the butterflies in his stomach start to flutter.

"I wonder what kate has to say? We haven't talked in weeks, maybe even a month." Bert thought to himself.

He got up and went to shower. It WAS special. Bert usually only showered once a week when they were on tour. Those oppertunities don't come around often on warped tour especially, But he wanted whatever it was Kate had to say to be special. Then he remembered the smart remark he had give Quinn only minutes before.

"Chicks dig a clean man," he said to himself smirking at his own cleverness.

He went into the bathroom and slowly started to undress thinking quite hard trying to figure out what Kate would want to tell him of all people. He was clueless. Once he was fully uundressed, he examined himself in the mirror. Looking quite pleased with himself, he hopped in the shower.

As Bert showered, Branden searched Berts bags for the cleanest, nicest looking outfit possible. Seeing as Bert pretty much sucked at matching.
Or smelling nice.

"Jepha!?"Bert yelled.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"Can you get me a towel?"

"Sure," Jeph answered, laughing.

"Hey guys!" Jeph Giggled. "Bert hasn't showered in so long, that he forgot he needs a towel when he gets out!"
The guys all laughed, except Quinn. Who looked extremely confused.

"Hey, Quinn?" Branden asked.

"OH!..... OH NO!...Yeah branden?"

"You got a clean shirt Bert can borrow for tonight?"

"Yeah hold on," Quinn answered.

Quinn rummaged through his bags in search for a shirt, "Naw... Dirty, Dirty, *sniffs*.. OH! definatly dirty!... Clean!... got one!" he yelled.

"Great," Branden mumbled grabbing the yellow shirt from Quinn.

In the meantime, Bert had been standing in the bathroom, the knot in his stomach tighening with every minute that passed, as it grew closer to the time that he had to leave to meet Kate.

"Branden? Do you have my clothes yet!?" Bert yelled.

"Yeah," Branden said, knocking on the door and handing Bert the clothes he picked.

"Thanks" Bert said.

"Yep." Branden answered simply.

"So?" Quinn asked Bert after he was dressed, "Whats going on tonight?"

"Kate has something to tell Bert over dinner tonight." Jeph told Quinn, saving Bert from collapsing in excitement of the question.

"Sweet," Quinn said dully, turning back to guitar hero, in which he had been playing since following Bert onto the bus.

"Well, I'm gonna go." Bert said nervously.

"See ya," Branden called after him.

"Have fun Bert." Jeph said jokingly.

"I'll try," he replied, stepping out into the parking lot.

He got into the car and slowly left the parking lot. It took thirty minutes to get there, plus there was nobody on the streets. Bert was very tense, still curious as to what Kate wanted.

He arrived at the resturant shaking in excitement and started to walk up the steps to the door. He put his hand on the handle as his heart gave a giant leap.

"Reservation for McCracken," Bert told the man at the counter.

"Right this way please," said the man, gesturing for Bert to follow him.

Bert followd the man to a table for two. He sat down and ordered a glass of water as he waited for his date. The knot in his stomach was growing increasingly tight with every minute that passed. First five, then ten, then twenty. He started to wonder if Kate had forgotten about him or completely bailed on him.

you're armed with hate and a handgun
girl get in the car I'm riding shotgun
dead men tell no lies.
oh it wasn't me
dead men tell no lies
oh it wasn't me

but this is not your last forgiveness
I'm not the one who holds the key
so lock it up, lock it up, lock it up
hearts will break tonight, hearts will break tonight

--The Word Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Kate And Bert   Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:53 am


I've already read this but... I'm Reading it again..

"Dont.. Stop.."

You need to post that one.


Oh man.

I love you.



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PostSubject: Re: Kate And Bert   Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kate And Bert   

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Kate And Bert
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