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 Jepha Howard

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PostSubject: Jepha Howard   Jepha Howard Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2007 3:44 am

We found this source at myspace/
Don't beleive us?
Here's the link..

Jepha Howard Jephhoward

Sorry it's short

Jeph Howard (born Jepharee Michael Howard) was born on January 4, 1979. Jeph plays bass for the american rock band The Used. A common nickname of his is Jepha. Jepha began playing bass when his childhood friend Korby Connell played guitar. Jepha figured that if Korby played guitar, he must pick up bass. Prior to Bert joining The Used, Jepha was the singer of the band wich at the time was called Used untill they were threatend to be sued due to another band having the same name so they became The Used. All in all Jepha prefers to play bass. Jepha listens to all kinds of music. He likes everything from "noise & super screamy metal to hip hop." He believes that this is partly because his father would play records for him growing up. His parents are divorced though and he is an only child. Hes always been interested in Japan and the Japanese culture. Before The Used got signed with Reprise Jepha worked as a baker and a chef. He Has 15 Total Piercings. Hes a vegetarian and involved with PETA. He Nonstop drinks green tea. Usually 8 cups a day. Jepha also has A weiner dog named Zelda after his favorite video game.
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Jepha Howard
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