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 Mikey Way

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PostSubject: Mikey Way   Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:17 am

We got this information from the source of (
Don't beleive us? Here's the link...

Mikey Way was born Michael James Way, on September 10, 1980 in Newark, New Jersey, where he grew up. He is the younger brother of Gerard Way, (with whom he has a very close relationship, and is also Scottish/Italian, like his brother). Mikey is related to Joe Rogan, Host of the NBC game/stunt show Fear Factor and former cast member of the sitcom News Radio (Joe is Mikey's mother's cousin's son). Growing up, Way worked for Barnes & Noble, in addition to being an intern at Eyeball Records (the company that put out My Chemical Romance's debut album, I brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love in 2002). The first concert he ever went to was a Smashing Pumpkins concert.

My Chemical Romance
Mikey is the bassist of the band My Chemical Romance, and only learned bass in order to play in his brother's band. He dropped out of college for the sole purpose of playing in My Chemical Romance He plays both A Highway 1 Precision Bass, and a Fender Standard Precision Bass. Mikey was also responsible for the band's name, which came from an Irvine Welsh novel Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance. He and Gerard's grandmother, Elena, happened to buy them their first tour van. Before he joined My Chemical Romance, Mikey auditioned for Frank Iero's (rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance) band, Pencey Prep. He did not make the cut. During the few first shows My Chemical Romance played, Mikey drank liquor heavily to mask his extreme stage fright. Today, Mikey resides with Frank when the band is recording.

His favorite band is Anthrax, and can often be seen wearing his signature Anthrax shirt. Mikey is a recovering iPod junkie and an iPod battery hoarder. His favorite food is sushi and claims that he could eat his body weight in it. Schlock horror films are his absolute favorite. Mikey loves unicorns. He has a pet cat named Bunny Marie Way whom he loves. Bunny has a myspace. On the opposite hand, he hates small spaces, large and open spaces, and shopping for groceries.

Personal Life
Mikey is engaged to Alicia Simmons. The rumored wedding date is said to May 17th, 2007, but this is strictly an Internet rumor. Simmons is a guitar tech and merch seller among other things. She played surrogate guitarist for From First to Last in 2005. They currently are living together in Brooklyn, New York City, and are very happy with one another. Recently, Mikey and Alicia got matching tattoos on their wrists. The tattoo(s) consist of a heart shaped jar with flames emitting from it; across the jar reads, "FOREVER".

Mikey is nearsighted (scroll down for details). Mikey has been pretty lucky, considering the only injuries he's ever gotten were liver damage, a few broken toes (an epic battle with a brick wall), and multiple respiratory infections, as well as being bassist in the top-charting band, My Chemical Romance.

The younger Way's trademark was his glasses, but that all changed in May of 2006. Mikey got Lasik eye surgery that corrected his nearsightedness and made the glasses superfluous. He no longer wears glasses.

As quoted from Mikey's myspace page:

"At the young age of 9 years, Michael James Way was struck with the affliction known as nearsightedness. Unable to see such things as the chalkboard, the movie screen (or anything more than 5 feet away) the lad was forced to get corrective lenses. Michael and his glasses spent many fruitful years together. They saw each other through the good times, as well as the bad. In May of 2006 this friendship came to a crashing halt. Michael's glasses met their end tragically, by way of Lasik eye surgery. The glasses leave behind two loving brothers, Ray Ban, Paul frank, and their father Chanel. Viewing times and dates will be announced shortly."

"There's less violence in the world when people are using Hula-Hoops."
"I'm the spiritual advisor of the band."
"This band is metal in that we have a lot of metal in our instruments, and there's quite a lot of metal on my belt buckle as well."
"Yeah, I'm kind of upset that I'm going to die tomorrow." (On the "Ghost of You" video)
"We always had a vision but we weren't sure if it would translate of just come off as Pretentious." (On starting the band)
"We all have very humble backgrounds and very geeky interests."
"I could eat my body weight in sushi."
"Ashlee Simpson told me she had our CD."
"Yeah, I had a headache, really bad. I was in a gas station and there was a pot of coffee and I looked at it for about a minute and then my brother (motions at Gerard) got a coffee and he taunted me."
"We're really greedy about the electricity in our iPods. We hoard it. We're like, 'Yo, I'm only on half a fuck battery and I have a plane ride!'"
"I like Popsicles."

Frank: "Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight."
Mikey: "That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi."
Gerard: "Fuck off, it's meese."
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PostSubject: Re: Mikey Way   Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mikey Way   Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:00 am

I love Michael James. =]

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PostSubject: Re: Mikey Way   

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Mikey Way
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