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 Your Soul Is Anchored

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PostSubject: Your Soul Is Anchored   Your Soul Is Anchored Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 3:17 am

DC comics owns Joseph Kerr.
I own Jaden Smith

Title: Your Soul is Anchored
Pairing: Joker/OC
Rating: R- Maybe N-17
Summary: Jaden Smith is a new girl in Gotham, She just recently moved with her disgustful, tasteless, No-humor and what her mother likes to call ’Happy and Eventful’ Family. She has no new friends and is starting a new school year in two weeks, She’s a 17 year old girl with an attitude and a dad as the chief of police, It’s sure to be fun for a certain villain of Gotham, Bringing her in for a ’Social Experiment’ But could some feelings get mixed up? Joker/OC
Warnings: Language, Sex, Heavy Petting, Violence And Murder, Blowing Shizz Up, Insanity.. And.. Well.. It's rated R for a reason.
Status: Active

Chapter One- Move

I walked out of my room. My large ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ messenger bag hung slightly over my right shoulder as I briskly walked down the hall, past My pesky brother’s room, Whom was stretching his fourth blanket over his neatly made bed. I rolled her eye’s at his perfectionist-like demeanor.

I walked into the kitchen, where my Mom was peeling an orange with a potato peeler into an open drawer into the refrigerator. She’d gone a bit nut’s after my dad had started working later. But somehow she still managed to try to keep the family what she liked to call ’Functional’ Well, At least without Me ever being around. I laughed slightly as I walked over to the other half of the fridge and pulled a ‘Go-Gurt’ out of the freezer.

“Mom, I’m going out. Don’t do anything stupid.” I chuckled.

Suddenly, She snapped her head up to look at Me quizzically. “And where do you think YOU’RE going?” She asked.

“Mom, I’m starting school in two weeks, I think I deserve to know the new city we’re living in. And I need to get a job. I’m not walking around in a giant city with no money.”

“You know perfectly well that if you need money, Your dad and I can give it to you.” There she goes again, Nagging me about how she’ll supposedly will give me money If I need it. I remember the time that I asked her for Twenty bucks to go to a concert. ‘You don’t NEED to go” She said, That’s when I decided to get a job. Screw my parents, They only ever gave me money when they thought I NEEDED it. Like for food. Bullshit. I, teenage girl need to do more things then sit at home and Eat, What does she want me to do? Sit on my ass all day and get fat? Just my luck that’s what she’d want.. So I wouldn’t have enough motivation to get up and do something. She’d bring their stupid ‘Family activities’ To me!

I thought of something to say before she yelled at me and assumed I was ignoring her. “I know, But then you guys always give me stupid guilt trips that I need to pay you back.” That’s another thing; It was always ‘You know you still owe me five bucks from when I took you to the mall that time; Gas doesn’t pay itself!’ God, That was annoying. Pretty soon she’ll be making me pay for my own Christmas presents.

“Now you know that’s not true-

“Whatever Mom, I’m leaving” I said, already out the door before my demon of a mom could reply.


I walked down the long streets of Gotham, My ipod headphone’s blaring ‘Error: Operator’By Taking Back Sunday so loudly in my ear I wouldn’t be able to hear someone screaming at me- Okay, That’s a lie. But I sure as hell couldn’t hear any of the people walking by me, Chatting away on their phone’s.

I came upon a large sandwich shop. I felt my stomach growl annoyingly and pulled out my cheap, cracked cell phone, I looked at the screen as it read 11:50 Ten minutes till My dad went on break. He was the only member of My so called ‘family’ I actually had a civilized relationship with. Although he was a very strict chief of police, and I’m an unruly, anarchist teenager with a bad temper. We still seem to get along in a very- odd way.

He had been offered a job in Gotham that was a better pay then the one he had in Chicago. For some reason Gotham PD had been losing lot’s of men and needed some more. They never said why they were losing men. What, did Gotham PD think I don’t own a Computer? I’m not as stupid as my family is; I knew why the police officers and judges were slowly dissipating in what my family must think is ‘Thin Air’. It was the one man they had yet to stop on the Streets of Gotham. The Joker. Now, There’s something about me. I hate the government; I hate my Dad’s job; I hate the cops, I hate the frickin’ President; I’m a Full-Blood Anarchist. And What can I say, Being the unruly teen that I am. I have respect for the Joker, I mean; How many frickin’ people can blow up a damn hospital in less then a damn hour? It was Amazing! Man, If I could only get in his head. But that’s besides what we’re talking about here. Gotham just simply gave my Dad a job offer he couldn’t refuse. They had given him chief of police instead of his crummy Seven Fifty an hour off-road patrol job.

I sighed as I gave the cashier the only fifteen dollars I had since we moved. I was forced to quit my last job because The move. But I still had one last pay-check. I had been left with twenty-five dollars in My pocket and fifty in the bank. It wasn’t a very good paying job; but it got me by.

After I got the sandwiches I walked out of the building, I pulled out my semi-torn, cheap Gotham map that probably didn’t even have the whole city on it and looked at it. The Police station was only about a block away.‘How Convenient’ I thought then snickered lightly

As I made my way down the large, crowded sidewalk as I got this feeling. You know that weird feeling that boils up inside you that suddenly makes you stop and turn around. Just to make sure no one was watching you? That’s the feeling I had. I felt like a had a stalker. Someone sneaking through the large crowd of people. JUST to follow me. It was awkward, and weird and made me just walk faster.

I chuckled as I stared up at the large, police department, filled with loud, obnoxious, rude, fat, pudgy, cops. I sneered in disgust as I started up the large steps. Once inside I looked around, Just like any other Police department there were cops and investigators running amuck. Screaming belligerent things most people would never be able to understand.

I walked over to some chick at a large brown desk, She had big poofy hair that had to be from like-- the seventies. And she was chomping on a bright pink piece of gum, Kind of like those annoying office ladies you see in movies. I focused my eye’s on her more and chuckled; Yep.. That’s her. I turned down the volume on my ipod and smiled innocently to the best of my ability. “Excuse me?” I said.

“What?” she snapped her head up from her computer.

“Is there a Jacob Smith Available?”

“He’s on break. What do you want?” She said, popping her gum once more. I just want to rip it out of her mouth, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. See what I mean by temper?

“I’m his daughter.” I mumbled. “Where is his office?”

She went back to her computer but pointed to the left. “Down the hall”

I sighed and started my way past all the shouting men and women. Once down the hall I looked at a large plaque above a medium sized office.

‘Jacob Smith’
‘Chief Of Police’

I groaned and opened the door slightly, peeking in, I heard a gruff “Come In.” And walked in. There was my dad, sitting in a large, leather chair doing what looked like paperwork.

“Planning on not eating, pops?” I asked. His head snapped up and a smile formed on his face.

“Too busy”

I scoffed “Well, You’re going to eat what I bought you because My money isn’t going to waste.”

“You got me food?” His brow furrowed.

“Yeah? So?”

“Thanks, Sweetie. Here, Come take a seat and we’ll eat.” He said, standing up and pulling a bunch of papers off of something to reveal a chair ‘Whoah! I didn’t see that there.’

“Sorry for the Mess. Who knew that being chief of police meant so much paperwork.” He said.

“It’s okay.” I said, Sitting down in the chair. He walked back over to his large, leather one and looked at me. I reached in the bag and pulled out his sandwich. He smiled and took it from me.

“Aw, Turkey! My Favorite!” He smiled. “Thanks, Champ”

“No problem, Dad.” I said, Taking a bite into my own.

And then I had that feeling again.

And I knew. Somehow. I was being watched.

Simplicity at it’s fullest.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Soul Is Anchored   Your Soul Is Anchored Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 3:24 am

DC Comics Own Joseph Kerr.
I own Jaden Smith.

Chapter Two- Life

I sighed and looked up at my Dad. Unlike all the other fat, ugly cops in the city. He was actually handsome. And not the --Oh My God I love my Dad. Holy Shit Incest. Ew. No. It’s like a father-daughter attractiveness. He’s not the ugliest man alive. And he’s not the fattest man alive. He’s about.. What you could say, Average. You can tell that I got most my looks from him. I look nothing like my mother. I have his lips, Nose, Dark blue Eye’s and even Eyebrow shape!

I also have his dark brown hair. But I always insist on dying it Jet Black. I don’t know why but it seems more.. Me.

“Well, Champ. My Break’s over and I’ve got to get back to work.” He said and tousled my hair once before picking up a pen. “Thank you for Lunch. I’ll pay you back somehow” He winked.

“Don’t worry about it, pa. I’m going to get a job. I might work at a Gas station or something.”

“Okay.. I’ll see you at home.”

“Mom’s having another ‘Family Fun Board Game’ Nights, So I probably wont be home until later.”

He sighed “You should come to family nights some time, bud. They’re not as bad as you think”

“They are, pa. I went to them until I turned fourteen. I still remember.”

“Oh,” He chuckled. Then looked up at me and smiled.

“What?” I laughed.

“You’re just growing up to fast.” He smirked. Then stood up and kissed me on the forehead. “Now Get on outta’ here before I open a can of whup-ass on you!” He smiled. I burst out into hysterics.

“Oh My God, Dad!! Who says that anymore?!” I yelled, Almost choking as the laughs came harder.

He chuckled and sat down. “Get out of here!”

I laughed and started my way to the door, I took one last glance at my Dad before I left “Bye, Dad” I smiled.

“Bye, Sweetie”


True to my word, I came home at about 10:30PM. I usually stay out longer but I need to get a Tazer-Gun Or something before I run around outside late at night in Gotham.

I walked up the stairs in our condo and up to my room, I ducked under my Bright Yellow ‘Caution’ tape surrounding the outside of my door. I hung that there when we moved, To keep my parents out. Thanks to my dad and being a cop I had several cool things, Well, cool things to a teenager my age.

I have handcuffs and caution tape rolls to the max, I had probably fourteen cans of pepper spray --but that’s wimpy stuff. I wouldn’t carry around pepper spray if I had to-- I have investigation booklets and one of the large ‘Hazard Area’ suits, That my dad stole from the office. I even have my own badge he made for me. How cool am I? Not to mention I have a million pens from the Chicago PD.

I pulled out my Dark green pen from my pocket and picked up the two Job registration forms I grabbed. I slowly started writing down my age, name and phone number.

How many times does one piece of paper need my name? I mean.. I swear. If I have to write down ‘Jaden Smith’ for the Seventh time, I am going to come unglued.

I applied for a job at Barnes and Noble, And For one at the Chevron right down the street from my school. I personally hope I get the Gas station one. Books are just… Boring.

Speaking of School, I need to go get registered. Oh my god, I have so much to do.

I finished writing and set down my pen and the papers on my nightstand. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of black boxers with red flames on them, They were from my last boyfriend but I figured that they were good pajama material so I kept them. What’s it gonna hurt?

Next I pulled out a single, white tank top. I slowly pulled off my skin-tight pants and threw them across the room, I’ve never felt so good to be pants-less in my life. I slipped my legs one by one into the boxers and went to my H.I.M. T-shirt. I took that off and chucked it somewhere to the right, it sounded like it landed on something breakable but I didn’t think too much on it. I pulled the tank top over my head and walked back over to my bed. I leapt onto and pulled my comforter over me. I leaned over and flicked my lamp off.

Then I laid down into a deep slumber.


When I woke up I woke to the sounds of my Father’s alarm clock blaring in my ear. I glanced to my alarm clock. 4:45AM ‘What the hell is he crazy?’ I thought and settled down back into my bed.

“Hurry up, Jaden!” Hayley yelled from about ten steps in front of me. I quickened my pace and caught up to her.

“What?” I laughed “We have like.. A half an hour until the movie start anyways.” I said.

“Twenty Minutes, Jay! Twenty Minutes! And we still have to get the tickets and snacks and popcorn and all that good stuff!” I grinned at my worried friend, I calmed her down to my normal pace.

“Don’t worry so much, Hay, We’ll make it.” I smiled and put my arm around her shoulders

Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

The phone call that would change my life.

I noticed it was my Dad and picked it up instantly. “Hey Daddy!” I chanted into the phone happily.

“Hey Champ..” He said, He sounded sad, Or tired, or something.

“What’s wrong?”

“I need to tell you something. I.. I just.. Is Hayley there? You need someone there when I tell you this.” I stopped dead in my tracks and clutched Hayley’s arm.

When my dad told me the news the world stopped. My heart leapt out of my chest and decided to jump into a giant meat grinder or something. I dropped my phone, cracking the screen instantly. And fell back onto some grass next to the movie theater. I watched as Hayley picked up my phone and mouthed something to my Dad into the phone. I couldn’t hear anything. It was all silent to me. The world was going in slow-motion as Hayley ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my small body. I was crying and yelling, Screaming ‘No’. But I couldn’t hear it. I knew I was shaking but I couldn’t help it. Hayley was smoothing my hair and whispering in my ear, But I couldn’t hear her. No.

That was the Day that the one person that ever understood me, ever really knew me, That I trusted everything with.

Simply Died.

My Grandma.

I snapped my eye’s open, light was flooding into my room from my black drapes being open. I don’t remember opening them and my mom wouldn’t dare come in my room. So I just shrugged it off and assumed that I opened them last night and forgot to shut them.

A cold sweat had broken over my body from the dream I had just had. That was an old memory that I wanted to let go. But I simply couldn’t. I shuddered one more time and glanced at my alarm clock. 12:15PM. Holy shit! Talk about sleeping in!

I lay there a few more minutes, Waking my body up slowly and looking around my room, I sat up and got used to the feeling of being awake. I yawned and stretched my arms out in different directions. My usual morning routine.

I got up and walked over to my dresser. I opened my top drawer and pulled out some underwear and a bra. Then I pulled open my pants drawer and pulled out my black tight pants. Being in the mood to royally piss off my mom I pulled out my black shirt with a large Anarchy circle on it. I snickered to my cleverness and rebelioness and walked out of my room, Ducking under my caution tape.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom and put my hand on the handle. I twisted. Damn. Locked. I knocked once and got a small “Hold on!” From my brother. I heard the toilet flush, The sink run and the door unlock. “You look like Crap” He stated.

“Thanks, Freak.” I said. “Get out of my way.” I pushed the boy with thick rimmed glasses pass me and walked in, slamming the door in his face. I took off my pajamas and adjusted the temperature of the water.

I got in and started washing my body, I washed my hair and body, then rinsed, Then I conditioned my hair and grabbed my razor, I slowly started pulling it up and down my legs. It pulled off all of my little hairs that had gathered there from the past two days.

Once I was done and rinsed completely, I grabbed a towel off of the towel rack and wrapped it around my body. I dried my body and moved to my hair. Once semi-dry, I hung the towel up and looked at my naked body in the mirror. I’m not fat. And I’m also not the anorexic chick of the school. I’m normal, Average, That’s the only thing I have of my moms. Is her bra size and body type.

I sighed and put on my undergarments. I pulled on my pants by jumping up and down. Damn, their hard to get on. I have trouble pulling them over my ass. And I don’t even have an ass. THAT’S how tight they are!

Once done with my pants, I pulled on my shirt. I got out my eyeliner and slowly applied that, It’s really the only thing I put on, or let alone need.

I walked out of the bathroom and ducked back into my room. I grabbed my Dark purple bandanna and walked back into the hall and into the bathroom. I situated it on my head and took one last look at myself. I smiled and walked back to my room. I grabbed my messenger bag, and my phone and walked out. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where my brother was at the table eating what looked like a ham sandwich. My mom was scrubbing the counter so hard that it looked like the paint was about to come off. “Morning” I yawned once again.

“It’s about time you got up!” My mom looked up quickly from where she was hunched over. I smiled weakly and went and got a ‘Go-Gurt’

“I’m going to go get registered for school today.” I stated.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“No. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, but honey, if you’re going today will you take off that wretched shirt and filthy rag on your head?”

“No, Mom.”

She sighed. “Fine.”

I walked to the door and went to push it open. “Bye, Mom. See you tonight” I was out the door before she could answer.

I figure I can submit my job applications and then go get registered. Sounds good.


I walked out of the school, dragging my feet a little bit. I haven’t even been in this school more then An hour and I already hate it. I hate the stupid teachers, The office ladies, The mascot, And the principal’s a dick.

And the school color’s--Oh god the school colors. An ugly, human vomit orange and a dark, ugly aqua blue. Ew.

I walked down the steps and onto the sidewalk. Much like myself; Kids were pouring out of the school from registration. The more I looked at them, the more I realized I probably wouldn’t get any friends here. I’d end up chilling with the nerds. Like my last school.

I groaned as a quirky little--What looked like 10th grade kid walked up to me.

“Hi!” He stated cheerfully.

“What?” I snapped.

“What’s your name?” He asked. The last time I heard someone say ‘What’s your name?’ Exactly like that had to be in Kindergarten.


“Cool! I’m Tommy!” He said, sticking out his freckled, sweating, and probably disease ridden hand--Just Like a six year old-- I smirked and brushed past his hand. I heard footsteps behind me. Oh God, He’s following me. I heard him rambling on about something that I really couldn’t hear. “I just moved here. And I have no new friends. My mom says that I need to make new friends and..” Yada, Yada, Yada, Do I care? Not really. “I’m in 10th grade, And I really like trigonometry.” I snapped around, there he was, walking behind me like a lost puppy.

“Dude, I really don’t care. I’m a SENIOR. I’m not ever going to hang out with you. So scram.”

He frowned and turned around. Mumbling something incoherent; all I heard was “Bye, Jaden.”

I walked past all the people on the crowded streets When I heard a loud Bang and a ‘GET DOWN!!”

I looked up and sure enough. Gotham City Bank had several people in clown masks. Robbing it.

Great. Now I’ll never get home.

Simplicity at it’s fullest.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Soul Is Anchored   Your Soul Is Anchored Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 3:27 am

DC comics own Joseph Kerr.
I own Jaden Smith

Chapter Four- Nightlife Part I

I looked through the window to the large bank. Sure enough. There were several men in clown masks running amuck throughout the bank. One was standing with a woman, The gun to her head. Another was running into another room -what I assumed was the vault room- with several big black duffel bags.

There were other men just walking around with large guns, Watching the hostages. I have nothing against them, So I wouldn’t call the cops. Hell, I’ve been planning when I’m supposedly going to rob a bank for a few years. Yes, a girl can dream.

So I carried on my way. Watching people walk by looking terrified. I just chuckle to myself and keep walking. It’s nothing I wont hear on the news later. Or from my Dad. At least he respects my want to know about crimes.

My mom would always have a comeback like ‘She doesn’t NEED to Know’ God, in her world I wouldn’t NEED to do anything.

I walked down the street farther, Deciding that I’m going to explore the city more tonight. Sounds good to me. I just might have to take a kitchen knife and a can of pepper spray. Wow. What an odd mix.

I looked around, taking in what I would have to every day for the next years to come. My walk home from school is sure to be honestly boring. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my ipod, tracing my finger over a large scratch on the screen and cupped my hand over it so I could see it. ‘Atreyu- Lip Gloss And Black’

Sighing, I turned up the volume and kept walking.

Then I got that feeling again. You know the feeling I was telling you about, how someone, I KNOW someone is watching me. My heart beat quicker and I quickened my pace, One foot in front of the other, Jaden. That’s it. Quicker, Now.

Once I no longer felt that way I turned around, making sure no one was looking at me. I took a breath in relief as I saw no one was.

About twenty minutes later I finally made it home. I walked up to the front door and twisted the handle, Damn. Locked. I know my mom And Tyler are home but I don’t want them to know I home, you dig? I dug into my messenger bag and pulled out my key’s my Dad had gotten made when we moved. Thank god for that man.

I snuck quietly up to my room and went in my room “Jaden?” My mom Called. Shit. Busted.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“How did registration go?” She asked.

“It went fine, Mom.” I said, opening my door.

“Come on, Jaden. I want to know. Let me see your classes” I groaned and pulled out the crumpled paper from my pocket. I chucked it at her and ducked under my caution tape. I shut my door in her face and walked over to my closet. I pulled out my old, worn, backpack with a misfits logo on it and chucked it on my bed. I then pulled out three cans of pepper spray and my old pocket knife and also chucked those too.

I could hear my mom talking through the wall “Oh! You got Art 4! That’s good!” For Once, I was happy that my mom reminded me of something.

I pulled out my red, purple, green, black, and white spray paint cans and chucked them on my bed.

I walked over and put one can of pepper spray in my pocket, and another in the water bottle section on my backpack. I put my spray paint cans in the large pouch And put my pocket knife in my pocket, (How Ironic?) And pulled out my old, worn wallet. I put the remaining of my money in my backpack.

I walked over to my dresser And pulled out my black fingerless gloves and put them on. I pulled out my black, Bring Me The Horizon hoodie and threw it on my bed, I pulled out my beanie and threw it also.

I just noticed how much I’m throwing.

I walked back over to my backpack and put everything I had prepared in it. I laid down on my bed for a second but then snapped back up. I couldn’t hear my mom outside my room anymore so I’m sure I was safe. I opened my door and took a run for it. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Shit. Mom.

There was my mom. Sitting at the island and sipping her coffee quietly, a single tear ran down her face. She looked up at me and gave me a weak smile.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I just want to be in your life!” I rolled my eye’s and walked over to the counter where my first destination was. I opened the drawer and pulled out three long, steak knifes. I held them by the blade and walked back through the door to my room. My mom stopped drinking her coffee and walked out the door, following me. “What do you need knifes for?”

“Nothing, mom. Don’t worry about it.”

“I am going to worry about it!” She followed me up the stairs and I ducked back into my room, She was following until I slammed the door in her face, locking it.

I heard her let out a sad sob and walk away. I sighed and laid on my bed. I would need rest if I was going to be exploring all night.


I walked down the streets of Gotham, Trying to find an easy and unnoticed place to make my mark with spray paint.

I watched as old and young women clutched onto their purses like a crawdad on a raw piece of meat.

I watched as men buried their hands in their pockets so far and so hard they were going to rip a hole in their pants.

I watched as cops sat in their cars, probably sleeping while thugs stood by, watching until the best opportune moment to rob the local grocery store.

The tall building sat as still as sloth’s and watching over like a mother eagle about to attack it’s prey.

I chuckled lightly. And to think all of this was protected by a man in a bat mask and spandex?


Simplicity at it’s fullest.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Soul Is Anchored   Your Soul Is Anchored Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 3:45 am

DC comics owns Joseph Kerr.
I own Jaden Smith.

Chapter Five- Nightlife Part II

I walked down a small alleyway, Jumping lightly when a small cat ran across from me as fast as it possibly could, all I saw was a hint of grey. And then a small squeal. Probably got a mouse.

I shrugged and kept walking. This alley was pretty deep and led until the next street. I looked behind me quickly, checking to see if there was anyone. I was in luck, No one was following. I pulled my backpack over my shoulder and opened it, Pulling out my jacket I slipped it over my shoulders. I then pulled out my beanie and pulled it over my face. I had cut two holes for eye’s and one for my mouth. I pulled out the red spray paint and shook it slightly.

I then, began my art.

I first started my large A, Then I put the large circle around it, And then I finished it off with the dash in the middle. I stood back, taking in my art. I then pulled out my black spray paint and traced over it, I smiled and put my beanie up. I inhaled the deep scents of anarchy and bent down to put my spray paint away.

I took one final look at it and walked down the alley, back onto the street. I watched as a cop eyed my suspiciously and quickened my pace. I ducked back down into another alley and went to the next street, I looked back ad no one was following me. I stopped walking and turned into another one. I hope I don’t get too lost.

I looked around to find landmarks.

There was a homeless old man laying on a bench. Remember that. Hobo On Bench. I looked around more to see a large grocery store. Okay. Grocery Store.

Old Hobo And Grocery Store.

Perfect Mix, Don’t you think?

I walked farther into the alley and found a blank, brick wall. It was almost screaming “PAINT SOMETHING ON ME!!”

So, I followed it’s order. I pulled my beanie over my face again and pulled out my green spray paint. I shook it up, the small ball inside shaking through the sides. I pushed the button on the top down and formed a large ‘J’ on the wall in bubble letters. I Let my arm take over as I made a bunch of large designs on it. Scribbles here and there, I then reached down and pulled out my purple. I traced over the J once again the same as I had with the green. I stood back and looked at it.

Something was missing.

I took out the black and shook it, Once read I put two large dots on the middle of the large letter.

Then, I reached down and pulled out my red, tossing the black back in the bag and shook the next can. Have you ever wrote something so fast and hard your hand get tired? That’s what happens when you shake so much in one night.

I took the red and traced along the loop side of the ‘J’ with it.

I threw the red back into the bag and pulled out the white. I took several steps back so that when the white would hit the wall, It would only sprinkle things, making everything else still visible. I stood back and pressed my finger hard down on the button. White spread across the wall like snow on a nice winter day.

I shook it again and pressed the button. About half the wall was covered and I was quite please with myself. I have no idea what made me want to do this exact design but, I really never know these things.

I was zipping up my bag when I heard a loud.

“HEY! HEY YOU!” And then a large flashlight on me. Shit. Cops.

I picked up my bag that was only half way zipped and ran. Now, There’s something else about me. I can run pretty damn fast. And there was no possible way someone could catch me. Especially a fat as hell cop. I immediately felt the one knife I had shoved in my sock fall out. But not wanting to turn around to get it. I ran faster.

I ran around the corner of the alley and spotted my Old hobo. He looked dead from what I could see but.. There was no time to check.

I ran until I found my grocery store. Which there was a large fence around it. I ran and jumped up the fence. I climbed over it with the skills of a monkey and collapsed on the other side; Out of breath. I looked up and saw several workers looking at me. One large Chinese man came out from behind the workers and headed towards me, one of his large, fat fingers pointed at me.

“YOU! Get out of Here! Now!” He said with a deep Chinese accent.

I scurried to my feet and looked through the fence for the cop. With no sign of one, I pulled my beanie back up over my head and climbed back up the fence.

I hopped over and started my trek home.

On my way down the street. Several men were watching me. I was secretly chanting in my head ‘Please down rape me. Please don’t rape me’.

I reached back and pulled out one of my pepper spray cans. And then dug deep in my pocket for my pocket knife. I held that in my hand. The blade facing downwards.

One I finally hit my street. I snuck into the backyard of a house about three away from mine; so my mom wouldn’t see me. And so she wouldn’t question me.

I walked through the backyard of some family. They have a large pool in the middle of the backyard. Damn, I wish we had a pool.

Finally I hit the last backyard before my own. I was about half way through it when I heard a loud growl, I turned around and came about three feet from a large pit bull. My eye’s went wide as it headed straight or me. I ran as fast as I could to the fence. I jumped as high as I could but the damn pooch got a hold of my right converse. I pulled as hard as I could, but it pulled off my shoe and I scrambled over my fence.

I jumped and looked over. There it was. Chomping on my low top converse as hard as it could. It would be in bits and pieces in a second. Damn.

I walked through the wet grass --My dad probably watered it when he got home-- and got to the porch. I pulled off my soaked sock and left it there. I opened the back door as quietly as I possibly could. Without hesitation, I snuck into the house and walked up to my room without anyone waking.

Once in my room, I pulled off my only shoe and sock; then my jacket and beanie.

I sighed and pulled off my pants. I walked over and fell on my bed. I glanced at my alarm clock 3:48AM I need Sleep.

Yes. Sleep.

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DC comics owns Joseph Kerr
I own Jaden Smith

Chapter Six- Realization

I awoke from the sun shining in from my drapes and groaned. I looked at my clock 2:17PM. Holy shit!

I got my eye’s used to the light as I sat up. I yawned, stretched and stood up. I actually felt good. Well, Probably because I got to sleep in so late.. But damn, It felt good!

I looked down and realized I was just in my underwear and shirt and decided to just throw some pants on. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out my purple and black checkered pants and pulled them on. I walked out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. I used the bathroom, washed my hands and brushed my hair.

I walked down the hall and downstairs. Once downstairs I went into the living room. Tyler had already started school and my mom was at the store.

I slumped onto the couch and grabbed the remote. I flicked on the TV and was going to change it when something caught my eye.

“Hello and Welcome back to the Two O’clock News. Gas prices are going Up! Do you know what I-” The man paused and listened to something in his ear piece. “This just ends! The Joker Strikes again! But this isn’t something he is normal to do. The police found a large spray painting of a large ‘J’ In an alleyway with his signature smile on it! Also, They found a knife at the scene. Which made police almost positive it was him. One police officer said one of his thugs must have done it because he caught the person and it ran! Dropping the knife and running. We’ll get back to you with more on this case”

I started laughing. I don’t know what the hell was so funny about it. Maybe because the spray painting was mine, or for the fact that I didn’t even know I was doing something even remotely close and related to the Joker! That’s grand.

I laughed harder and harder. Almost halfway falling off the couch. I was laughing so hard my face went red.

Once I finally calmed down I turned the TV off and walked back upstairs to my room and pulled out the two kitchen knifes I had left. I looked around my room and noticed my window was open --Weird. I didn’t open it.

I scampered back downstairs into the kitchen and put the knifes back in place. I then heard the phone ring and walked over to it.

The number said ‘Blocked’ But I picked it up anyways.


“Hello, I’m calling on behalf of the job application for Chevron Gas station Ms. Smith filled out. Is she there?”
“Yeah. I’m here.” I said.

“Oh, Wonderful! I just wanted to inform you that you got the job. We would like for you to come in later for your orientation.” She said.

“Awesome! Um, I have nothing to do right now. Can I come now?”

“Sure! The earlier the better! Does Three-thirty sound good, Ms? I need to get a few things ready.”

I glanced at the clock 2:55PM “Yeah, That sounds good. I’ll be there real quick.”

“Awesome. And Might I ask. What size of shirt do you wear?”

I thought about that question for a minute. “Medium.”

“Okay! I’ll see you in a bit!”

“Thanks again.” I said.

“No problem. Can’t wait for your help!”

“Okay, Bye.”


I hung up and put down the phone. I gave a small “Yes!” And walked into the other room and up the stairs. I walked in my room and grabbed my messenger bag and ran over to my closet to pull out my high top converse, not even scanning my room completely.

I darted down the stairs and jumped on the couch. It took me a good ten minutes to put on my shoes and to be out the door. I stopped for a moment when the brightness of the sun came onto my eye’s. Swaying a little bit then coming back onto my regular walking pace.

I reached in my bag for my ipod but frowned when I realized it wasn’t there. I gave a loud growl and shoved my hands in my pockets.

I walked along the streets. Taking it the beautiful scenes of Gotha- Wait, Did I seriously Just say beautiful? More like polluted, trashy city.

I chuckled slightly, realizing how ugly this city is. With it’s large building towering over us like palm tree’s in California. And it’s crumbled old stores and houses. It’s ugly people that give you faces that could kill.

And the cops, The stupid cops and investigators. Their all Assholes.
I walked farther until I came upon the gas station I would be working at for the next years to come. I wonder if I could get enough money to actually buy a car. So I wont be walking everywhere. The streets down here weren’t that crowded all the time.

I walked up to the store and flung the door open. A little bell in the corner as the door shut. That’s going to get annoying. I heard a woman shuffling throughout the store on her high heels. And then I saw her look at me.

“Oh, Hello dear! You’re ten minutes early!” She said, Hm, I must’ve not realized how fast I walk without music.

“Sorry, I guess I was just excited and walked faster.” My mind toyed with me, Calling me names. Suck up.

“Oh, that’s fine dear! I was just finishing up getting your shirt ready.”

“Oh, Okay.” I smiled.

“So, I don’t really have that much to show you but--

And we sat there, for the next hour and a half, While she explained to me how to work the store. It got boring half way through and I hoped she wouldn’t catch me yawning when I did.

I listened though. She explained to me that I had to take ID when I gave people cigarettes or beer, I didn’t even know if I could sell them but I didn’t ask.

She explained how to sell gas and how to fix the carwash because sometimes the large, red washers didn’t want to work and I would have to forcefully do it. And she taught me how to fill and fix the fountain drink dispenser, and told me that I would have re-stock things.

He told me about the large, red button that I had to push in case there was a robber or something suspicious going on. And about the fact that I had to clean the toilets and such, And to put a ‘Out Of Order’ sign on a door if the toilet doesn’t work.

But, overall, It seemed like a pretty cool job.

“Oh, and Also, DO NOT forget to put up a wet floor sign when you mop the floor.” She said, I smiled and chuckled lightly. I could have some fun with that.

“Okay.” I said.

“So, I think you’ve got it. Here’s your shirt and key.” She said. Handing me a dark blue cloth and a small piece of metal. “Oh, I almost forgot!” She said, running behind the counter and coming back with something I couldn’t see that well..

She reached out and put a small, dark blue baseball cap on my head. Now, If I knew this lady better I would’ve punched her straight into that make-upped face and told her never to fucking touch my hair again. But I didn’t. So I silently cursed under my breath and tried to form the best smile I could.

I have a problem with people touching my hair.

I pulled it off my head and put it into my bag. I pushed down the fluffed up parts of my hair and looked back to the lady.

The sad part? This chick is my boss and I don’t even remember her name.

“Okay, Thanks again Mrs..” I trailed and held out my hand, hoping she would finish my sentence for me.


“Right. Thanks again Mrs. Henderson. But I have to get going.” I looked down at my wrist, pretending I had a watch “Mom wants me to help make dinner” I said. Lie. I wouldn’t help her if my life depended on it.

“Okay, go on home to your mom. I’ll see you in two days at 3:50.” She smiled. I smiled back and walked out the door. Good. Now I had a job.

I walked down the street. Remembering I don’t have my ipod and groaned once more, stuffing my hands in my pockets and started my long walk home.

I thought about the news this morning. Thinking about how they thought my art was the Joker’s. I chuckle once as I kick a rock that I see on the sidewalk. I have to admit it was pretty cool, having my very own graffiti on the news.

I looked up and realized that just a few blocks down the street would be the spot where I left my mark on the streets of Gotham.

With cops and investigators and press would be all over it. I giggled slightly as some guy looked down at me and glared. I love it when people glare at me. It makes me feel unique.

I laugh at how cheesy that just sounded and got another dirty look from a woman. I just gave her an original death glare back and walked on my way.

I wonder where the mall is around here. I need some new clothes and I’m not going to go school shopping with my mother. Ew. She’d make me put on something like a damn summer dress. Saying that I look so ‘Cute And Girly!!”


I turned into my street and looked around at all the houses. We lived in what you could call a ‘Gingerbread house neighborhood’ Where every house looks the same but is just different colors.

I thought of being really stupid at that moment and started skipping. I stopped a few seconds later about two houses before mine and started laughing my ass off. I started walking again and as I passed the house with the pit bull. I glared at it slightly and walked up my porch.

I took out my key’s and shoved the house key in the lock. “Mom! I’m home!” Whoah, That’s the first time I’ve done that in a while.

I got no response. I shrugged it off and figured she’s still at the store, shopping away like crazy. She does that a lot. We’ve been in debt so many times it’s not even funny.

I walked into the living room and sat down. I untied my shoes and pulled them off.. Man, I definitely prefer low tops over high tops.

I grabbed my bag and started up the stairs. I opened my door and ducked under my tape.

That was when it hit me.
All of it.

The window, My drapes. Everything being open came together right then.

There, laying on my bed. Toying with a knife in his hands.

In the flesh in blood.

The Joker

“Well, Hey there Gorgeous, What took you so uh, long” He said, a smile tugging at his lips.

Simplicity at it’s fullest.
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this story is amazing
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I love you too, dude. XD

Thanks. XD

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